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The Ten Commandments for Building a Marketing Culture

Burt Bierman, a marketing guru and retired CPA firm partner, gives me hope for professional services marketing. He understands business development more instinctively and fundamentally than almost anyone I know. At this year's Association for Accounting Marketing Conference, Burt spoke about building a marketing culture in a CPA firm.

His ten commandments, listed below, apply to your firm, whatever your profession.

Thou shalt:

  1. Define expectations clearly.
  2. Have a written plan.
  3. Prepare a marketing budget.
  4. Write a description of marketer's roles and responsibilities.
  5. Support continuing education for marketers.
  6. Embrace partner participation.
  7. Create partner incentives.
  8. Encourage marketing creativity.
  9. Support a strategic role for marketing.
  10. Have patience to wait for results.

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