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No Tricks, Just Discipline

During a training session last year, an attorney raised her hand and asked this question: “What tricks can you give me to get clients for my litigation practice?” I had the urge to dash behind a curtain and change into my top hat and tuxedo, magic wand in hand.

Although I resisted this temptation, I was a bit stymied by her question, because as a business developer I never think in terms of trickery. Marketing your practice is a matter of discipline, just as learning the technicalities of your profession is a discipline. Developing business is no more and no less than developing relationships with people. As anyone who has ever been involved in a relationship knows, growing the relationship, nurturing it, taking it to a deeper level requires attention, focus, discipline.

To be effective, business development must be a daily activity that becomes as much a part of your mindset as being a good lawyer or accountant. You must perceive your role as a professional to be one that includes better serving your current clients, finding ways to solve more of their problems, and getting new clients in the door.

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