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Ninety Days

If you want to create a marketing plan, consider planning only for the next 90 days. Set your goals for at least a year, but plan for only three months of activities that will help you reach those goals. This will create a focus and a sense of urgency that annual plans don't, because you can't allow yourself to put things off for very long. It helps to have a coach, whether you hire one or just work with one of your colleagues. Commit to each other that you will talk at least once a week to hold yourself accountable. As one of my clients said, "I know I have to get this stuff done, because I know you're going to call and I don't want the guilt of facing you if I've been a slacker."

Well, if guilt works, use it. Even if it doesn't, though, you'll find you're a much more productive marketer if you keep your time frame short.

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