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Marketing Plan Not Working? Try This.

Many of you have advanced far enough in your business development knowledge to be the proud owners of a marketing plan. My bet is that in most cases it’s currently residing in someone’s computer, collecting electronic dust.

If you want to make your marketing plan a reality, get very specific in your goals. You want to be more visible in a specific market niche? Then show specific steps in your plan (think of it as an action plan rather than a marketing plan) as to how you’ll do that. What precisely will you do? Who will be responsible for each action? When will it occur? What will success look like?

If you really want to shake things up, do a 90-day action plan, then make sure you monitor the results. Well-run meetings can create their own kind of positive peer pressure; for a 90-day plan meet every week to discuss how everybody’s doing with their assigned tasks. You can prevent too much hot air from blowing by conducting stand-up meetings; tired feet inspire brevity. When your team members achieve even the smallest marketing result, remember to recognize and reward them for it. Little things like “everyone” emails (I call them bragmails) highlighting someone’s marketing achievement can do wonders for both the individual and the team. And nothing adds to the feeling of accomplishment more than a simple, personal pat on the back from the Guy or Gal in Charge.

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