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Good Questions in Tough Times

It’s easy to get buried in the details of running a practice. Billable hours, productivity, utilization take up a lot of partner time and discussion. Many of us believe that even in a booming economy, such discussions won’t get firms where they want to be, but in a tight economy, it is even more important to ask useful questions and develop strategies to respond to changing circumstances.

At your next partner/leadership meeting, consider having a discussion based on the following questions:

These strategic questions can lay the groundwork for a truly valuable plan, which beats the heck out of simply taking a look at last year’s budget, adding a few more numbers, and calling it a plan. Of course, this means doing things a little differently than you did them last year, which is always tough for CPAs and lawyers. Given the road ahead, though, having a coherent, progressive, and practical strategy is more important than ever.

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