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Go Ahead. Brag a Little.

Email can be a powerful tool or an unwieldy weapon, depending on the content and tone of the message. In the case of lawyers who send internal bragmails about cases won, it is a powerful tool. Here's why: it's a very big deal when a lawyer wins a case, and it is an opportunity for him or her to thank everyone who worked hard to win it. Most of us are pretty lousy at thanking the people who help us every day, and these emails present an opportunity to do just that. The emails often read like an acceptance speech at the Oscars, and that's perfectly ok. Keep them coming.

I admire how lawyers so adeptly congratulate each other in writing; sometimes it's darn near poetic. CPAs could learn a lot from messages like these. An email conveying applause and cheers sent to all when someone succeeds has the potential to uplift everyone, even if only for a moment. It's those moments that make up a lifetime and enhance the day to day culture of a firm. Even if you can’t write poetry like some of my lawyer friends, go ahead and put your heart on your sleeve as you compose your message. Your intent will come through.

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