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Communicating Part II: Powerful Speaking

Of course, when you do choose to speak, you will want to present your thoughts concisely and articulately -- in short, powerfully. Here a few hints:

Don't let your voice move up at the end of a statement; you will sound questioning and indecisive.

End your sentences definitively, using the silence as you would a period at the end of a sentence. Don't allow your words simply to trail off like ellipses in a written sentence.

Moderate your speed. Too slow, and people will be snoring before you finish your thought. Too fast, and you will appear nervous and scattered.

Eliminate verbal "bridges" (uh, um, like, etc.) as much as you can. Use silence instead to gather your thoughts. While the silence may be thunderingly loud and interminably long in your own head, it really isn't to your listeners.

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