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Better Client Service: Get Off Your Speaker Phone

In an utterly unscientific survey, I’ve learned that more people than I are driven to utter distraction by speaker phones. If you’re using yours for any reason other than a conference call or when you’ve been put on Endless Ignore, stop it. When you put your caller on speaker phone, you’re sending a couple of clear messages: one is that whatever you’re doing (shuffling papers, typing emails, whispering to a colleague in your doorway, etc.) is at least as important as the caller; another is that whatever your caller is telling you may not be confidential. You might also be creating the impression that you’re arrogant. Clients really don’t like arrogant professionals – just ask them. Do yourself a favor and invest in a headset for your phone; less than $100 will buy you a very nice one. Your clients will love you for it, and so will the rest of us.

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