Communication Coaching

My coaching purpose and methods are different from the norm. Rather than helping set goals and achieve them, I help clients understand what is happening right now, in the present. When you are my cient, we look at your emotional state, the situation, and the stories you are telling yourself about the situation. We then work together to increase your level of effectiveness and happiness at work. My clients often find their perspective shifts in a way that allows them to clear their minds and determine the next right action.

With a straightforward and practical approach, I help clients realize there are many alternatives to assuming, misinterpreting, and reacting. Along with tough love, they get a non-judgmental ear and a safe, neutral environment for learning new perspectives and skills.

This is what I do with coaching clients:

  • Bring clarity to confusing emotions in the workplace.
  • Listen while someone tells me their story about whatever is challenging them AT WORK. I’m a coach, not a therapist. I don't do personal stuff, although it sometimes enters the work scenario.
  • Find the patterns of words and thoughts in that story (stress, intolerable, unsustainable, confused).
  • Ask lots of questions that guide them toward thinking differently about a situation. Almost always, the guidance relates to what THEY can do to solve the problem or meet the challenge. 
  • Guide people to choose words that help them say what they want to say more constructively.
  • Help people change the way they look at a work problem so they can solve it and get back to business.
  • Neutralize conflict between two or more people by getting them to talk with each other and with me in a safe, facilitated setting. 
  • Help remove the heat from a toxic communication dynamic by being a dispassionate third party.
  • Keep a problem from rising to the level of the HR department.
  • Make people feel better, and teach them communication skills so they can continue constructively on their own.
  • Help them find their way through the maze of a problem that often exists only in their own minds.

This is who I am:

  • A perspective shifter
  • A clarifier and de-clutterer of thoughts
  • A sharpener of messages from individuals, groups, or the firm as a whole
  • A neutralizer of conflict
  • A motivator and confidence-builder

This is why it matters:

  • The workplace today is uniquely stressful. 24/7 communication, fewer resources, and multiple generations trying to work together have created a cauldron of stress. Everyone, from the top executive to the janitor, needs and wants to feel better. And that's what communication coaching does.
  • Employees who feel better do better. 
  • Nothing kills productivity like the drama that ensues from incompetent, insensitive, or unclear communication. 
  • If you help your team feel and do better by communicating with each other more effectively, your chances of keeping them over the long term improve.
  • Every executive wants to keep his or her business moving forward. Communication coaching is an essential ingredient.

Coaching Prices

Multiple sessions and on-call availability: $2,000 per month

Package of ten sessions: $ 1,200

Per session:  $ 150 each

Plus 7.56% of the total for New Mexico gross receipts tax 


While face to face is the ultimate relationship, Skype and FaceTime also are fabulous coaching mechanisms. My clients and I develop an excellent relationship, whether it's in person or virtual. 


When I speak, it is as much to motivate and inspire as it is to inform. I aim for the heart and do my utmost to hit the target. Some of the topics I've presented are:


  • Difficult Conversations: How to Turn Down the Turmoil
  • Lay the Skunk on the Table: Dealing with Conflict
  • Magic Words, Magic Methods: How to Speak Publicly Without Dying
  • Mind Over Mouth: Communication and Your Bottom Line
  • Stress and the Stories We Tell Ourselves

Leadership and Cultural Change

  • DIY Leadership: Making Your Own Happiness at Work
  • In the Eye of the Hurricane: Leading Through Change
  • Six Principles of Leadership
  • On Being a Pied Piper: How to Lead When You Don’t Own

Prices for speaking vary. They are rarely above $ 7,500 or below $ 1,500, plus New Mexico gross receipts tax.


Whether it's recruiting and retention, business development, partner accountability or message development, I have found that firms' challenges very often boil down to what they are communicating, to whom, when, and in what way. An outsider's perspective is often helpful. Consulting may include:

  • Communication surveys of your team
  • Client service focus groups
  • Meeting facliitation
  • Writing and editing non-technical documents

Prices for consulting are project-based.

Phone: Melinda at 505.263.9460