I'm not particularly clever when answering the question, "What do you do?". So I decided to ask my clients how I make a difference. Here's what one of them said:

"You help:

  • Build teams
  • Inspire positive growth and collaboration
  • Inspire production and compassionate service
  • Synchronize attitudes
  • Reframe objectives and relationships
  • Help leaders lead, with clarity, optimism, and grace

In short: Build, Inspire, Synchronize, Reframe – and Grow!"

That is a very gratifying answer. 

Clients also tell me I am skilled at studying, observing, and listening to the overtones and undertones in their firms. I hold up a mirror to clients, showing them what I see that they have overlooked or not wanted to see. In holding up this mirror, I help clients increase productivity, decrease internal conflict, and improve communication. 

Here's how the process usually works: I come into your firm, interview and/or survey employees, including partners. I also observe with my own experienced eyes how your communication systems and culture really work. With this information, we then work together to determine what your communication action plan needs to be. It might involve my doing a simple training session for your entire team, or for a select group. It could also involve one-on-one communication training and coaching for specific people. It almost certainly will involve creating a strategy for what messages you want to communicate, which vehicles you should use to communicate them (meetings, web site, intranet, newsletter, email, and advertising), and when to do so.

Phone: Melinda at 505.263.9460