Who I am

These words come from my clients, friends, and colleagues: a motivating speaker, an insightful writer, a deep listener

I say it a little differently. I am fascinated and driven by the stories we tell ourselves and others, how those stories translate into behavior and belief, and how we can create more useful stories, both individually and as teams.

In my work and in the rest of my life, I rely on kindness, intuition, awareness and a certain lightness of spirit to help me help others. 

How I help

The easy answer is that I’m a communication coach, speaker, and consultant for professionals and their firms. 

The harder answer, and the more real one, is this: ultimately, I’m in the business of changing behavior for the better. To do that, I offer clients and audiences my own vulnerability in exchange for some of their truth. I’m open, direct, honest, sometimes tough and always loving. I’m also devoted to my clients’ improvement, and they know it.

I create emotional and intellectual space for educated people to begin to think and act differently about their work, their colleagues, and their clients. I do it by asking really hard questions, listening for what is and isn’t said in the answers, offering perspective, and asking “What’s next?”.

What I believe

After many years of working with CPAs, lawyers, and academics, I know that developing emotional intelligence, communication skill, and interpersonal skills are necessary for individual and organizational success. I believe that creating and strengthening these skills should not be just a side dish on your training and mentoring menu. At the management, partnership, and leadership levels, they should be the main course.

What I’ve Done

  • Worked as a marketing director for a large CPA firm for nearly a dozen years. Helped them grow from $ 750,000K annually to $ 13 million-ish. Learned a lot about what motivates professionals (or doesn’t) and what makes a firm’s culture productive (or not).
  • Inducted into the Hall of Fame by the accounting marketing profession (AAM), served as their association’s president, and built life-long friendships as a result.
  • Went on my own in 1991 and started working with law and CPA firms to guide their marketing strategies and hone their tactics. These services ran the gamut from writing brochures and bios to creating recruiting plans to coaching partners on business development. Learned that marketing and business development don’t improve until the communication around those things changes, both individually and firm-wide.

And that’s what led me to what I do now: communication coaching; speaking and teaching about communication; and consulting within firms on leadership development and cultural change.

Wouldn’t take nothin’ for my journey now.

 ~ Maya Angelou

Phone: Melinda at 505.263.9460