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Tell Yourself a Story.

August 13th 2014

Last week, I did a presentation on stress reduction for about 250 people. Apparently, I tapped into a vein, because they were very energetic in their answers to the question, “What stresses do you absorb from others?” 

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Get Clarity by Asking These Two Questions.

July 29th 2014

Talking to humans can be so confusing, especially when we have to discuss difficult issues. Take a conversation about a team member’s behavior, for example. We think we have spoken clearly, addressed the issues, offered solutions, and asked for feedback. We actually feel proud of ourselves for dealing with an awkward situation, and we’re optimistic that the team member’s behavior will improve.

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Five Ways to Walk Your Talk

May 8th 2014

No matter what level of education or experience we have, we all get stuck in the same communication traps. One of these strikes me as particularly impossible. It is the universal desire to coerce, cajole, or convince someone else to communicate better. This is a sure road to unhappiness. 

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The Whole Human

April 24th 2014

Let's say you have an employee struggling with alcoholism; or maybe one who’s in the middle of a divorce. Perhaps one of your partners is coping with a critically ill child. Maybe something equally destabilizing is happening to you.

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Lost in the Mountains: Business Lessons Learned

March 10th 2014

Recently, my friend and I went hiking, as we often do. It’s not unusual for us to get a little bit lost on our hikes, because neither of us has one ounce of directional ability. But this time was different. This time we were utterly without a clue as to where we were. There was nothing but mountains and canyons. A two-hour hike turned into four hours, where we didn’t see another soul until the last 15 minutes.Our water was nearly gone, as was our energy. We ended up having to call 911, where Joey the Fabulous Dispatcher was able to locate us and guide us out. So the story truly has a happy ending, with many lessons we can apply to our professional lives. Here are just a few:

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Love, Actually

February 27th 2014

We rarely, if ever, talk about love at work. Oh, we might in the abstract. We might say, “I love my job.” Or “I love this firm.” But rarely do we hear people talk about love specifically. Rarely do we think of love as appropriate for the workplace.

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How to Move From Planning to Doing

January 22nd 2014

In my last post, I wrote that planning and doing are two different things. My post turned out to be timely, as I just recently reviewed a strategic plan for one of my clients. That plan reflected everything that’s right about a plan and everything that’s useless.

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