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Seven Lessons the Mountain Taught Me

July 7th 2015

Hiking over the past year at an 8,000-foot elevation has taught me a few things that apply to working life. I hope you find them useful.

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Bliss Suckers

June 15th 2015

A friend of mine, describing a former employer, said something like this: “That woman just sucks the bliss out of every happy moment. Doesn’t matter what it is. She has a way of seeing the negative in everything – and never fails to express it.”

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How to Wrangle a Jackass

March 4th 2015

Ah, the jackass. If you’ve been working in a professional knowledge firm for more than a half hour, you’ve probably already met at least one.

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Getting Out of Your Own Way

February 3rd 2015

Everyone who’s ever achieved anything difficult must first battle her inner voices. You know what I’m talking about: the voices that start the moment you decide to do something that feels big. The voices say:

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Listening, Love and Work

January 6th 2015

Listening is the most intimate thing you can do at work with your clothes on. The dictionary defines intimate as close and personal. When you are really listening, you’re as close and personal with another person as you may ever be. Truly listening can alter the course of your relationships. Like all of the so-called soft skills, listening is also good business, because it will improve your team’s cohesion, trust, and effectiveness.

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Toxic Team Members: The Power of Inaction

November 4th 2014

All of us have gotten where we are by being proactive, taking the initiative, being a team player, and doing the right thing. All of us want to get along with our colleagues. 

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The Perils of People-Pleasing

October 15th 2014

We’ve all been to this party: 

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Expressing Gratitude is Vital. And Easy.

August 27th 2014

People have an interesting response when we start discussing gratitude at work. They get uncomfortable. While almost everyone acknowledges that expressing gratitude is important to a firm’s success, many seem puzzled as to how to do it. Here’s a terrific example of exactly how to do it.

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