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Close the Gap

April 18th 2016

Everyone has trouble with someone at work. Even you. Maybe it’s a less experienced team member. Maybe it’s a peer. Maybe it’s your boss. Whoever it is, you feel a distance, a wariness setting in toward this Other. Things used to be alright, but for whatever reason, they aren’t anymore. You don’t like the situation. 

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Turn Down the Turmoil on Tough Conversations

March 23rd 2016

You know how it feels: your gut is tight, your heart rate is up, your hands are sweaty. This is often what happens when you have to engage in a tough conversation with a team member. The hell of it is, you called the meeting, because you’re the leader. 

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Leading with Empathy: L.O.V.E. at Work

February 10th 2016

Four components comprise L.O.V.E. at work: loyalty, openness, vulnerability, and empathy. Of these, empathy may be the most vital for leaders of professional services firms. 

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Civility as a Tactic

January 11th 2016

Diving into a conversation that simply dumps your needs onto someone else may not be your most effective approach. Without some kind of softener like Hi, how are things going? or Is now a good time?,  you  are omitting an essential part of the equation: whether the listener wants to be engaged with you in that moment. Acknowledging what the other person wants or needs is a pretty good definition of both powerful communication and civility.

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Soft Skills. Oy.

October 19th 2015


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My CPA: A Love Story

October 6th 2015

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care became a cliche because it’s true.

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The REAL Conversation

September 28th 2015

When you pick up your phone in the middle of lunch, or a conversation, or a meeting, you are probably thinking:

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Working Courage

September 21st 2015



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