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What is Your Story?

May 20th 2016

When I coach professionals, the most important thing we do together is to find out what story they are telling themselves. Until we become aware of and understand that, we can’t solve much of anything. 

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Close the Gap

April 18th 2016

Everyone has trouble with someone at work. Even you. Maybe it’s a less experienced team member. Maybe it’s a peer. Maybe it’s your boss. Whoever it is, you feel a distance, a wariness setting in toward this Other. Things used to be alright, but for whatever reason, they aren’t anymore. You don’t like the situation. 

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Turn Down the Turmoil on Tough Conversations

March 23rd 2016

You know how it feels: your gut is tight, your heart rate is up, your hands are sweaty. This is often what happens when you have to engage in a tough conversation with a team member. The hell of it is, you called the meeting, because you’re the leader. 

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Leading with Empathy: L.O.V.E. at Work

February 10th 2016

Four components comprise L.O.V.E. at work: loyalty, openness, vulnerability, and empathy. Of these, empathy may be the most vital for leaders of professional services firms. 

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Civility as a Tactic

January 11th 2016

Diving into a conversation that simply dumps your needs onto someone else may not be your most effective approach. Without some kind of softener like Hi, how are things going? or Is now a good time?,  you  are omitting an essential part of the equation: whether the listener wants to be engaged with you in that moment. Acknowledging what the other person wants or needs is a pretty good definition of both powerful communication and civility.

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Soft Skills. Oy.

October 19th 2015


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My CPA: A Love Story

October 6th 2015

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care became a cliche because it’s true.

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The REAL Conversation

September 28th 2015

When you pick up your phone in the middle of lunch, or a conversation, or a meeting, you are probably thinking:

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