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Listening, Love and Work

January 6th 2015

Listening is the most intimate thing you can do at work with your clothes on. The dictionary defines intimate as close and personal. When you are really listening, you’re as close and personal with another person as you may ever be. Truly listening can alter the course of your relationships. Like all of the so-called soft skills, listening is also good business, because it will improve your team’s cohesion, trust, and effectiveness.

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Leaders: Five Cases When It Really IS Your Fault

November 11th 2014

Last week, I wrote about toxic team members and the power of inaction. Some readers commented that the thoughts apply to peer relationships, but not to leaders’ behaviors. This is correct.

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Expressing Gratitude is Vital. And Easy.

August 27th 2014

People have an interesting response when we start discussing gratitude at work. They get uncomfortable. While almost everyone acknowledges that expressing gratitude is important to a firm’s success, many seem puzzled as to how to do it. Here’s a terrific example of exactly how to do it.

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Get Clarity by Asking These Two Questions.

July 29th 2014

Talking to humans can be so confusing, especially when we have to discuss difficult issues. Take a conversation about a team member’s behavior, for example. We think we have spoken clearly, addressed the issues, offered solutions, and asked for feedback. We actually feel proud of ourselves for dealing with an awkward situation, and we’re optimistic that the team member’s behavior will improve.

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Make Nice. Make Progress.

July 7th 2014

Everyone loves civility, at least in theory. We especially love it when we perceive ourselves as civil. If only the rest of the world were like us, the world would be a better place. 

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Happiness, Productivity and You

June 17th 2014

As the line between working life and personal life becomes ever more blurred, the idea that team members can or should “leave their personal problems at the door” has begun to look unrealistic, uncaring, and unproductive. The New York Times recently published an article called “Why You Hate Work.” The authors said:

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May 27th 2014

Ask any managing partner how it feels when he or she gets word that a key team member is leaving the firm. They’ll often tell you it feels like a punch right to the gut. 

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Five Ways to Walk Your Talk

May 8th 2014

No matter what level of education or experience we have, we all get stuck in the same communication traps. One of these strikes me as particularly impossible. It is the universal desire to coerce, cajole, or convince someone else to communicate better. This is a sure road to unhappiness. 

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