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Leading a Manipulator

June 19th 2017

All of us have known someone like this: 

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Know what L.O.V.E. Spells?

April 13th 2017


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Follow the Leader? Not Always.

January 30th 2017

OK, leaders. Listen up. You’re doing some stuff that runs counter to your goals and interests. You’re confusing people, because what you say differs from what you do. For example:

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Culture: Simplicity and Clarity Rule

August 23rd 2016

Oy. So much bureaucracy, so little effectiveness. I suppose if you’re just trying to teach team members how to be involved in groups, this approach is fine. But if you’re really trying to build a culture, simplicity and clarity rule the day. 

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Turn Down the Turmoil on Tough Conversations

March 23rd 2016

You know how it feels: your gut is tight, your heart rate is up, your hands are sweaty. This is often what happens when you have to engage in a tough conversation with a team member. The hell of it is, you called the meeting, because you’re the leader. 

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Leading with Empathy: L.O.V.E. at Work

February 10th 2016

Four components comprise L.O.V.E. at work: loyalty, openness, vulnerability, and empathy. Of these, empathy may be the most vital for leaders of professional services firms. 

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Leading With Vulnerability: L.O.V.E. at Work

January 21st 2016

As a leader, you carry unique burdens. But you can lighten the load and become better at your job by adding vulnerability to your skill set. Yes. You read that right.

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Civility as a Tactic

January 11th 2016

Diving into a conversation that simply dumps your needs onto someone else may not be your most effective approach. Without some kind of softener like Hi, how are things going? or Is now a good time?,  you  are omitting an essential part of the equation: whether the listener wants to be engaged with you in that moment. Acknowledging what the other person wants or needs is a pretty good definition of both powerful communication and civility.

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