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More Communication is Not Better

August 31st 2015

When CPAs and lawyers discuss their leadership and management challenges with me, I often hear some version of this: “We just need more communication around here.”

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Mistakes, Anyone?

August 24th 2015

Don’t you hate that feeling when you discover you’ve made a mistake at work – especially one that affects someone else? We’ve all done it: forwarded an email containing stuff you don’t want most people to read, misspelled a partner’s name in a widely-distributed collateral piece, forgotten to include an essential document in a proposal. 

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Want to Be Happy At Work Part II? Stop Shoulding on Yourself.

August 17th 2015

In a recent post I mentioned Albert Ellis, the psychotherapist who was known for his disdain for “shoulding.” I talked about shoulding on others in that post. Now, we need to talk about shoulding on yourself, as in:

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Communication and an Old Dead Greek Guy

August 4th 2015

Below is a link to a podcast from Thriveal CPA Network, where I am a community coach and incubator mentor. In the podcast, Jason Blumer, Greg Kyte, and I discuss communication by looking at ethos, pathos, and logos (thank you, Aristotle). The conversation quickly gets to practical ways professionals can be more effective communicators, and maybe even rise to the level of greatness. Hint: being human and humane are key.

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Three Ways to Communicate More Effectively

July 27th 2015

No matter how many conversations I have with business people, when I ask them what the biggest issue is for their organizations, the answer is almost always the same: communication. Part of me breathes a sigh of relief, because improving communication is what I do for a living. But part of me thinks, Man, this stuff is so simple. Why aren’t people better at it?

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Want to Be Happy At Work? Stop Shoulding on People.

July 20th 2015

Psychotherapist and psychologist Albert Ellis developed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy in the 1950s. Always blunt, Dr. Ellis was known to declare that “should-hood leads to shit-hood.”

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Seven Lessons the Mountain Taught Me

July 7th 2015

Hiking over the past year at an 8,000-foot elevation has taught me a few things that apply to working life. I hope you find them useful.

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Bliss Suckers

June 15th 2015

A friend of mine, describing a former employer, said something like this: “That woman just sucks the bliss out of every happy moment. Doesn’t matter what it is. She has a way of seeing the negative in everything – and never fails to express it.”

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