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Leading with Empathy: L.O.V.E. at Work

February 10th 2016

Four components comprise L.O.V.E. at work: loyalty, openness, vulnerability, and empathy. Of these, empathy may be the most vital for leaders of professional services firms. 

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Leading With Vulnerability: L.O.V.E. at Work

January 21st 2016

As a leader, you carry unique burdens. But you can lighten the load and become better at your job by adding vulnerability to your skill set. Yes. You read that right.

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Civility as a Tactic

January 11th 2016

Diving into a conversation that simply dumps your needs onto someone else may not be your most effective approach. Without some kind of softener like Hi, how are things going? or Is now a good time?,  you  are omitting an essential part of the equation: whether the listener wants to be engaged with you in that moment. Acknowledging what the other person wants or needs is a pretty good definition of both powerful communication and civility.

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Leading with Openness: L.O.V.E. at Work

December 18th 2015

CPA and law firms can feel like secret societies. Executive Committees meet behind closed doors. Partners have their own exclusive retreats. The real requirements for becoming a partner are mysterious and undocumented. Somebody gets fired, everybody gets an email, and nobody ever discusses what happened.

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Leading with Loyalty: LOVE at Work

December 7th 2015

Love at work is possible, practical, and productive. I’m beginning to understand, though, that it is not simply a goal — a plug ’n play entry into your current mission statement. If love is to be made real at work, it must be an outcome of specific thoughts and behaviors. Love is the result of Loyalty, Openness, Vulnerability, and Empathy. I know: these are not words you hear a lot in firms. But we have to start somewhere if we want to build strong cultures on something other than profit. Love is a great place to begin.

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Soft Skills. Oy.

October 19th 2015


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When and How to Evaluate

October 13th 2015

When I ask managing partners about their biggest operational challenge, the answer is often how to evaluate the performance of younger team members. They tell me that the young ones don’t know how to take criticism, which leads to uncomfortable conversations.

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My CPA: A Love Story

October 6th 2015

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care became a cliche because it’s true.

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