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Leading a Manipulator

June 19th 2017

All of us have known someone like this: 

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The Curse of Certainty

May 3rd 2017

Ever said this kind of thing to yourself at work?

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Know what L.O.V.E. Spells?

April 13th 2017


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Follow the Leader? Not Always.

January 30th 2017

OK, leaders. Listen up. You’re doing some stuff that runs counter to your goals and interests. You’re confusing people, because what you say differs from what you do. For example:

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Culture: Simplicity and Clarity Rule

August 23rd 2016

Oy. So much bureaucracy, so little effectiveness. I suppose if you’re just trying to teach team members how to be involved in groups, this approach is fine. But if you’re really trying to build a culture, simplicity and clarity rule the day. 

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July 26th 2016


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Resistance is Exhausting.

July 20th 2016

So many irritants, so little time. Cowardly colleagues, pitiful partners, mediocre managers. I could go on and on, but you know what I’m talking about. You’ve either said this or heard it more than once: “This guy is the WORST. His behavior is unacceptable. I can’t stand him.”

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"I Will Help You."

June 27th 2016

The weirdness started when I was headed home from a speaking gig. Riding from my hotel to the airport, Don the cab driver mentioned that he supports a presidential candidate that I don't. This could have been a nightmarish trip, but it wasn’t. We spent the whole 45 minute ride talking and listening to each other. We were both questioning, searching, wondering how to make our country better. When we reached the airport, I searched for my eyeglasses so I could sign my receipt; when I couldn't find them, Don lent me his. We thanked each other for the good discussion and said goodbye.

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