Annual Employee Reviews: So 20th Century

December 4th 2017

Remember when correspondence took a couple of weeks? Now it happens in seconds. Remember the glory days of printed newsletters: the writing, the printing, the stuffing, the stamping, the mailing? Pretty much gone. And how about returning phone calls or emails “as soon as possible”? Now, it’s within a specific number of hours (if you’re savvy). 

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Leading a Manipulator

June 19th 2017

All of us have known someone like this: 

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Leading with Loyalty: LOVE at Work

December 7th 2015

Love at work is possible, practical, and productive. I’m beginning to understand, though, that it is not simply a goal — a plug ’n play entry into your current mission statement. If love is to be made real at work, it must be an outcome of specific thoughts and behaviors. Love is the result of Loyalty, Openness, Vulnerability, and Empathy. I know: these are not words you hear a lot in firms. But we have to start somewhere if we want to build strong cultures on something other than profit. Love is a great place to begin.

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The Uncoachables

March 31st 2015

This title bears my harsh but truthful discovery. Like everything else, I learned it the hard way, by trying to coach people who should never have been sent to me. The good news is, it’s only happened a handful of times, and always when a boss has required that someone get coaching.

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