How Much Does Your Money Cost?

June 16th 2016

We’ve all had this thought: if only I were making more money, I could buy ______________, or feel ______________, or be _______________. We hardly ever think about the cost of making more money. I think we should.


Maybe you’re a new business owner fantasizing about the money you used to make when you had a real job were employed by someone else. It was good money, and it showed up in your account every two weeks like clockwork. And benefits! There were benefits. But ask yourself how much it’s worth to…:


… be able to take your kid to the doctor and not have to explain it to your supervisor.


…take a last-minute trip with your family, just because you want to.


…do work you enjoy.


…earn money for that work with no discussion about why you deserve a raise.


Or perhaps you’re an employee who hasn’t had a raise in a couple of years. The grass is starting to look greener somewhere anywhere else. Ah, well. Maybe so, maybe not. Ask yourself how much it’s worth to…


…trade what you know for what you don’t know.


…leave your relationships at work for whatever lies in that greener pasture.


…expend huge amounts of energy learning the spoken and unspoken culture at your new, fabulous job.


These things have real value, easily as much as whatever dollars are involved. Somebody probably could create a formula to assign them a quantifiable value. That somebody isn’t me, but I can darn sure answer the questions. You should be able to, also.


Really, what I’m talking about here is professional happiness. How do you define it? What will you tolerate to feel it? How much will it cost you? One thing I’m certain about: professional happiness involves a lot more than money.


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