What is Your Story?

May 20th 2016

When I coach professionals, the most important thing we do together is to find out what story they are telling themselves. Until we become aware of and understand that, we can’t solve much of anything. 


  • I’m a fraud. When are people going to find me out?
  • I’ve always been _________ and will never change.
  • My partners are ____________ and will never change.
  • I don’t do _________ well.


Chances are you aren’t even aware you’re telling yourself a story. You’re just moving through your tasks, events, and obligations, trying to keep all the balls in the air, trying to reach that magical place called there. Your brain is an old-time pinball machine — stories tumbling, thoughts pinging, lights blinking, bells clanging. And you wonder why you are frustrated, exhausted, and feeling isolated from those around you? Your stories are wearing you (and maybe those around you) out.


This examination can lead you to a different set of thoughts that may be more accurate, more compassionate, or more truthful. Any of these outcomes is almost certainly more productive than your unexamined, habitual, reactive story.


But here’s the thing: when you choose to exercise discipline and courage, you can change your story. When you change your story — even a small story — you alter the trajectory of your day. And when you do that every day, you alter the trajectory of your life.



communication, happiness, professional development


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