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Leading with Loyalty: LOVE at Work

December 7th 2015

Love at work is possible, practical, and productive. I’m beginning to understand, though, that it is not simply a goal — a plug ’n play entry into your current mission statement. If love is to be made real at work, it must be an outcome of specific thoughts and behaviors. Love is the result of Loyalty, Openness, Vulnerability, and Empathy. I know: these are not words you hear a lot in firms. But we have to start somewhere if we want to build strong cultures on something other than profit. Love is a great place to begin.

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Soft Skills. Oy.

October 19th 2015


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When and How to Evaluate

October 13th 2015

When I ask managing partners about their biggest operational challenge, the answer is often how to evaluate the performance of younger team members. They tell me that the young ones don’t know how to take criticism, which leads to uncomfortable conversations.

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My CPA: A Love Story

October 6th 2015

People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care became a cliche because it’s true.

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The REAL Conversation

September 28th 2015

When you pick up your phone in the middle of lunch, or a conversation, or a meeting, you are probably thinking:

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Working Courage

September 21st 2015



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More Communication is Not Better

August 31st 2015

When CPAs and lawyers discuss their leadership and management challenges with me, I often hear some version of this: “We just need more communication around here.”

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Mistakes, Anyone?

August 24th 2015

Don’t you hate that feeling when you discover you’ve made a mistake at work – especially one that affects someone else? We’ve all done it: forwarded an email containing stuff you don’t want most people to read, misspelled a partner’s name in a widely-distributed collateral piece, forgotten to include an essential document in a proposal. 

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